Imprint according to § 5 Telemediengesetz (German Act for Telemedia Services) and
§ 55 Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (German Interstate Treaty on Broadcasting)

Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V.
Linder Hoehe
51147 Koeln

Phone.: +49 2203 601-0
Fax: +49 2203 67310

DLR’s Executive Board, consisting of Prof. Dr. Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla (Chair of the DLR Executive Board), Klaus Hamacher (Vice Chairman of the Executive Board), Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hansjörg Dittus, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Lemmer and Dr.-Ing. Walther Pelzer is empowered to act as DLR’s representative.

The Executive Board’s seat is located at German Aerospace Center

Executive Board, Linder Hoehe, D-51147 Koeln. The Executive Board can also authorise DLR employees to act on behalf of DLR. The head of DLR’s legal department can provide information about the extent of this authorisation.

Registered court and registration number of DLR

District court of Bonn, VR 2780

Value added tax identification number

DE 121965658 is maintained by

DLR Projektträger
European Research Programmes
Heinrich-Konen-Straße 1
D-53227 Bonn

Phone +49 228 3821-2045
Fax: +49 228 3821-1649

Responsible in the sense of § 55, 2nd paragraph of Rundfunkstaatsvertrag

Dr. Wilfried Diekmann

Editiorial staff

Jan Felix Beckendorf, Katrin Schaarschmidt, Alexandra Pohl, Vanessa Sooth, Christoph Seidensticker


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